Hi there, Check it out! So pity that there is no cheap or free product here, however, you can always find the high-end agricultural products with us.  We have Fruits, Aged-Tea Leaf, Honey, Orchids Flower , Please send us your enquiry and we will reply you ASAP! Also, any partnership distributors are needed, price negotiable up on quantity! 

Zesthedonic Taiwan is the company operated based on the interpretation of the good things in life to create happiness as our main mission. We hope to have this opportunity to export for Taiwan’s excellent agricultural products, and strive to cultivate Taiwan culture to show our best high-ends products to the friends over the world. Zesthedonic product lines of Taiwan for export are Wax Apple, Mandarin,Grapefruit, Aged Tea Leaf, Honey, Orchids;  Import products are Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Wine of Spain (up on order for purchase) !